1About #kindness is the real cool founders

#kindnessistherealcool founders Chloe Cornell and Julia Heller have been friends since birth. The 12-year olds were brainstorming about mitzvah projects (charity projects) for their upcoming bat mitzvahs when they decided that promoting kindness, and ending bullying was a mission they felt passionate about. As middle school students, they were keenly aware that they were facing the notorious “bully years.” But instead of focusing on “anti-bullying,” they wanted to be proactive and promote kindness and acceptance – giving power to positive behavior as opposed to the more common, negative reaction to bad behavior.

At a video shoot for Chloe’s bat mitzvah, Chloe, Julia and friends were wearing specially designed T-shirts and hats. To their excitement, media outlets such as Teen Vogue, New York Magazine, and more approached them for pictures and interviews. Witnessing the power of fashion to spread branding, the girls decided to create a line of clothes and accessories to promote #kindnessistherealcool, and raise money for anti-bully charities in the process.

Chloe and Julia are so grateful for the support of their families and friends and look forward to their movement making the world, especially middle school, a kinder place.


Disclaimer: We are NOT a 501C Charity – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/501(c)_organization and we are not a NON Profit.